Perennial Gardens

Perennial gardens can add unique character to any landscape, with a wide variety of them being flowering plants. One advantage of perennials over annuals is that they do not have to be planted every year. Although the flowering time for perennial plants is significantly shorter than that of annuals, the foliage of perennials is usually more interesting. Annuals and perennials can be combined to produce a colorful effect.

Many perennials will need to be divided at time goes on. Dividing is why perennials are one of the most cost efficient plants; one plant over time can turn into two, three, four and more in the years to come. The best time to split perennials is in the spring when shoots start to grow about two three inches and the fall when the foliage starts to die back. To split a plant, water well the day before. The next day spit plants into smaller sizes, plant immediately and water again keeping an eye on the plants for the next several days watering accordingly. Cool and overcast weather is more ideal for splitting to help to conserve the plant. Some perennials can be divided after their flowering has occurred.

Interested in a Perennial Garden

If you would like to add a perennial garden to your landscape, please contact us we would be happy to come design one for you.

Creative Edge Landscape will come out to your property and design a Perennial garden specific to your needs. Remember Esimates are always free