Bulb Planting

Bulbs can add a spectacular color to your landscape, with hundreds of different colors and sizes, and bloom time, the combination is almost endless. Bulbs produce the most beautiful flowers ever seen. Unlike annuals, bulbs need only to be planted once with that year after year gratification.

After blooming allow foliage to brown and die off, this will allow the plant to absorb all the needed nutrients for the next bloom time. Cutting foliage to soon could result in non-flowering bulbs for the next season, or un-healthy flowers. Spring flowering bulbs need to be planted 3-4 weeks before the frost is in the ground. They need the cold season to start their biological clock.

Summer flowering bulbs need to be planted late spring. A couple of months later they will bloom. Summer flowering bulbs will bloom in most climates but most of them are not winter hardy. Summer flowering bulbs should be lifted and stored to be used the next season. Fall flowering bulbs need to be planted in the summer. They will add some color to your garden when it is most needed.

Interested in a Mass Bulb Planting

If you would like to add a Mass Bulb Planting to your landscape, please contact us we would be happy to come design one for you.

Creative Edge Landscape will come out to your property and design a Mass Bulb Planting specific to your needs. Remember Esimates are always free